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    1. Welcome to visit 陜西興茂實業有限責任公司 Official website!

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      The series of surgical knives produced by our company have been sold all over the country. The products are exported in large quantities. We have stable business cooperation with many medical device manufacturers in more than ten countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

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      Widely used in major hospitals, by the doctor's recognition and praise!

      We serve your production requirements

      We always put customers first, pay attention to customer needs, and pay attention to customer needs, so as to truly understand the customer's business and help customers succeed.

      The products on display are only scalpels of common specifications. For other specifications, please call our company for further information.


      With its good corporate image, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, the company has been strongly supported and trusted by the vast number of new and old customers.


      Shaanxi Xingmao Industrial Co., Ltd. is a medical equipment company. China's largest professional manufacturer of gemstones and synthetic Black Diamond medical scalpels, with R&D, production and marketing as one, has experienced more than 10 years of development and production practice, with strong technical strength and mature production technology.
      The company produces a variety of medical devices, which are widely used in major hospitals and are recognized and praised by doctors.
      1. [Ophthalmological scalpel] (FDA certification):
      Sapphire knife
      Black diamond crystal scalpel
      LASIK corneal lamellar knife
      Sapphire knife and nano-black diamond crystal scalpel are widely used in ophthalmology, cosmetology, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology, urology and other fields of minimally invasive and minimally invasive surgery. Like the natural diamond knife, the biggest advantages of this product in ophthalmology and other minimally invasive surgery are its sharpness, smooth incision, no metal diffuser, scar-free operation, and high cost-effective compared with the natural diamond knife.
      2. [Hair transplantation, hair transplantation, hair harvesting products]

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      Electric Skin Knife Recruits National Agents


      Shaanxi Xingmao Industrial Co., Ltd. adhering to the purpose of "equality, mutual benefit and win-win" with distributors, develops distributors throughout the country in o…

      Electric Skin Knife Recruits National Agents

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